zondag 1 april 2012

Big data has big implications for knowledge management: KMWorld

Big data has big implications for knowledge management: KMWorld: "A goal of knowledge management over the years has been the ability to integrate information from multiple perspectives to provide the insights required for valid decision-making. Organizations do not make decisions just based on one factor, such as revenue, employee salaries or interest rates for commercial loans. The total picture is what should drive decisions, such as where to invest marketing dollars, how much to invest in R&D or whether to expand into a new geographic market.

In the past, the cost of collecting and storing limited the ability of enterprises to obtain the comprehensive information needed to create this holistic picture. However, automated collection of digital information and cheap storage have removed the barriers to making data accessible. Data is now available in abundance, but relational databases were reaching their limits in their ability to make sense of the information.


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