maandag 12 maart 2012

Learnlets » Reimagining Learning

Learnlets » Reimagining Learning: "On the way to the recent Up To All Of Us unconference (#utaou), I hadn’t planned an agenda.  However, I was growing through the diagrams that I’d created on my iPad, and discovered one that I’d frankly forgotten. Which was nice, because it allowed me to review it with fresh eyes, and it resonated.  And I decided to put it out at the event to get feedback.  Let me talk you through it, because I welcome your feedback too.

Up front, let me state at least part of the motivation.  I’m trying to capture rethinking about education or formal learning. I’m tired of anything that allows folks to think knowledge dump and test is going to lead to meaningful change.  I’m also trying to ‘think out loud’ for myself.   And start getting more concrete about learning experience design."

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